Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Big Lake, Alaska to Whittier, AK by 1987 VW Vanagon 

This is perhaps the most unusual leg of our trip. We packed up the fully loaded bikes, my 14 year old German Shepherd, Buddha, with his various heart and arthritis meds, and made our way to Anchorage after closing the cabin for the winter. 

In Anchorage we picked up my son Drew, who dropped us off in Whittier.  

You ask why we are in a 27 year old van instead of riding our bikes?

We are all collector’s items? 

No.  We had the 4 mile long Anton  Anderson Memorial Tunnel, into Whittier, to deal with. It is the second longest highway tunnel in North America.   No bicycles allowed. I have hitchhiked through it once without my bike; not an easy task and that was in midsummer with lots of traffic and many options. Thus rather than trying to hitchhike in the rain through the tunnel during one of the hourly openings in our direction and possibly literally missing the boat, I enlisted the help of my son and handy mechanic, Drew. All of our bases were now covered.  Our ragtag group  arrived safely and in time for the sailing!

Tomorrow’s debate: clothing for a ocean cruise or a bike ride?Van Packed


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