Saturday, Sept 21, 2013

Skagway, Alaska


We are surviving cruise life; too well I fear: constant food, constant drink, constant entertainment equals way too much fun. This trip should have been at the end of our ride. 

The fact that we wear the same clothes(basically our only non biking clothes) daily doesn’t even seem to bother us!  The staff and passengers easily recognize us due to our “uniforms.”

How did we end up on a cruise?  It was less expensive than the Alaska State Ferry– which included neither food nor room. For a short millisecond, I considered asking Joe to camp outside on the solarium of the ferry, however common sense prevailed; being warm and dry with food and shows is certainly the better choice. The bikes are free here ; on the ferry they cost $89 each to bring aboard and that is just the beginning!

Today we get off the ship to tour the little Klondike town of Skagway, population 900 with perhaps 6,000 tourists- there can be 3 or more cruise ships here at a time.

We will keep you posted as we continue our slow(21 mph) water journey out of Alaska. 9.21


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