Day 1

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Vancouver BC, Canada- Blaine, WA USA

48.75 miles

We are literally the first passengers to disembark due to our bicycle status. After a week’s worth of gluttony and sloth, we have no idea if our bodies will survive.

Sunshine and crystal clear blue skies greeted us this morning. The skyscrapers and traffic of Vancouver overwhelmed me; we rode on in search of some quiet. We toured through beautiful Vancouver residential neighborhoods and crossed too many bridges for me; the Fraser River Bridge with its double suspension spooked me even with a separated bike path. It may take a bit before I am accustomed to traffic again. It does not seem to phase Joe, though he did have a fall today. He was stopped; turned to say something and the unwieldy bike decided to take him down.  A scary situation as he fell in the drive through exit of Wendy’s and a semi wanted out!  After water and 15 minutes to assess injuries we were luckily on our way again. 

We are safely in a motel in Blaine; hopefully tomorrow’s directions will not include confusing access maps to innumerable bridges!



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