Day 2

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blaine, WA to Anacortes, WA

58.63 Miles

Sunscreen slathered on. Affirmative.

The skies dawned sunny and clear, though cold in the 40s;  the sun is a gift from God in the Northwest.  Joe started the day with with socks on his hands in lieu of mittens. 

The name “Anacortes” is a consolidation of the name Anna Curtis, the wife of an early Fidalgo Island settler. Burl Ives and Richard Bach(Jonathan Livingston Seagull) were born here. Enough trivia for the day.

I was warm by 8:30 and biked in my tank top all day; 55 degrees and sunny is my idea of perfect biking weather. Joe wore his coat all day; he must not be an Alaskan, yet. 

We made a short stop in Bellingham today for new toe clips and a bike computer for me to replace my nonfunctional one.  Joe now has a mirror to help anticipate traffic. Air in the tires seemed to make a faster, easier ride(placebo effect?). All in all  it was a successful stop. 

It was beautiful, though at times challenging, riding today. Chuckanut Drive out of Bellingham was 6 miles of basically all uphill with spectacular views of Bellingham Bay to ease the pain of the hills.  Joe, who enjoys steeps, kept on asking when we would ride level land again.   How much farther is it?  I checked my handy iPhone; the answer did not please him.

Nonetheless, we arrived safely in Anacortes after stopping in Bow for an appetizer at a farm to table organic restaurant with great freshly baked bread.  It is a good thing we took a break as upon reviewing the map, I realized it was our turning intersection!

We may opt to modify daily mileage in the future based on terrain.  Joe says we need to look more at vertical than horizontal.  Today our only lodging choices were Bellingham, 20 miles or Anacortes, 60.  The 60 mile option prevailed. 

Additionally it is the last day for sunscreen after seeing a severe weather alert this morning; it is supposed to be raining by 7am tomorrow with 10-20mph winds from the SE to add to our overall riding experience. The full Northwest Effect perhaps?

“This remnant of Typhoon Pabuk off the coast of Japan is a highly unusual storm for the end of September and has the possibility to produce record breaking rains of 8-10 inches from this series of storms over the next two days”.

Let the real bicycling begin!  Wish us luck and functioning brakes. 

The best part of the end of this day: fresh Washington peaches at the produce stand across the street from the inn!  Yesterday I searched in vain at 4 gasoline quick stops hoping for any kind of fruit.

Joe in his cozy and functional sock mittens.

Day 2


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