Day 6

Monday, September 30, 2013

Silverdale, WA to Belfair, WA

21.35 Cold Wet Miles

The bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world. ~ Susan B. Anthony 1896

We are on our way again, though the 20 mph headwinds will determine how far. I have mapped out every motel on our route for the next 40 miles in the event of Mother Nature’s Wrath.   Hopefully I will be more comfortable: new cheap bike gloves as my expensive Izumis gave me blisters.  Without gloves my hands are slipping all over the handlebars in this rain; not a safe situation. I found a pair of biking shorts as my biking skirt was just one more piece of clothing to absorb water. 

The flood and high wind warnings continue; however, it is time to make a move or we could be here until next April. 

Our first stop, Walgreens for a decongestant and cough drops for Joe. The rest day did not vanquish his stuffy head. 

The weather is sunshine  with headwinds to start. Maybe the new coat will keep the rain away. Our destination, Mason County, the land of flat, low pastures and flooding. We found neither.  We did, however, find rain and a chilly headwind to go with it.

After a final stop at the Belfair grocery store for hot soup and lattes  plus food for our evening meal, as we are at Belfair’s only lodging half mile out of town, we are off to our night’s destination. 

We sit here under an eave waiting for the room to be ready; the rain begins yet again after a brief break. 

Joe is keeping himself occupied playing fetch with the local  Border Collie, Cindy.  Simple pleasures. We are fortunate. 

Raindrops on Joe's helmet when the sun finally peaks through

Raindrops on Joe’s helmet when the sun finally peaks through


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