Day 8

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shelton, WA to Tumwater, WA

24 SOGGY Miles

I feel that I am entitled to my share of lightheartedness and there is nothing wrong with enjoying one’s self simply, like a boy. ~ Leo Tolstoy, In response to criticism for learning to ride a bicycle at age 67

Besides the rain and wind, the temps are 10 degrees below normal. 

On the bright side, my alternate route, Freeway 101, was filled with gentle inclines.  A few miles before Tumwater, bikes were prohibited; we exited and navigated to a Barnes and Noble for lattes. Joe is freezing; he saw no need to put rain pants on.  

We warm up a bit; discuss our options and decide to stop in 4 more miles. First, I make a quick trip over to the first Trader Joe’s we have seen and procure a bottle of Joe’s beloved Charles Shaw “Two Buck Chuck” Merlot along with Sesame Sticks.  Joe’s nausea continues; my latest suggestion: he take any meds at the evening meal versus first thing in the morning before the ride. 

We are off Highway 101 and the ubiquitous hills of surface streets return; Joe questions my navigation skills through them. The route changes depending on the terrain I see in front of me; I have more common sense than the iPhone and save Joe a couple more hills. 

I then see the Best Western on my left and give a shout out to Joe before he passes it by. 

I pull over into a parking lot entrance and proceed to walk my bike across the street to the hotel, the traffic generously stopping for me.

Still walking my bike, I hear a siren behind me.  I am being stopped by the local police for walking my bike across the street; he asks for my ID, another cop car shows up and runs me through their computer to make sure I have no outstanding warrants. I can be either a bicyclist or a pedestrian, not a combination of both.  The Tumwater Police must have minimal crime to deal with, if two units can show up for this. At least we will be safe tonight. Good thing we did not ride on the real freeway; they would have stopped us in seconds!

Sunshine tomorrow: hopefully we can bank some miles despite the hills and my ad hoc navigational system as we return to my version of the Adventure Cycling route fifteen miles south of here.

Day 8


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