Day 10

Friday, October 4, 2013

Castle Rock, WA to Cathlamet, WA

40 Miles

I thought of that while riding my bicycle.

~ Einstein, in reference to the Theory of Relativity

The day started foggy with bone chilling cold. Joe even wore his rain pants on this dry day.  Twelve miles in, after many hills on the Westside Highway, we hit a road closure due to a washout.  Time to reroute and have a hot drink at the corner QuikStop; even the cashier used his iPhone to route his way to work today.  

The alternate is easy: two extra bridges and we find ourselves on the Ocean Beach Highway. Before we realize it, we are riding alongside the Columbia River in dazzling sunshine. An incredible experience, until we started encountering hills, the most brutal of which was 8 miles long.  This, combined with the omnipresent fully loaded logging trucks and the supersized RVs on a minimal uphill shoulder,was enough to do both of us in psychologically.  Do not fear dear readers, we are safely ensconced in Cathlamet,Washington,  population 532.  We have visited the local Farmer’s Market, transported by a 1936 San Francisco Trolley on a UHaul base. I tested my luck at the mini-pumpkin catapult and we purchased a rhubarb pie and a piping hot sourdough baguette. This is real living. Back to town and a haircut for Joe. We are relaxing with a glass of wine at the historic Cathlamet Hotel; next off to a gallery opening(the brownies looked delicious; music is promised) and dinner though Joe seems to think we are doing the dinner backwards. 

I almost forgot; I had my first dog chasing encounter of the trip yesterday at about Mile 50 on a slight uphill. At first he looked like a Golden Retriever, but then my brain started functioning and I realized they are not known for aggression. 

He came up on me once; I yelled; he made one more lunge. Again I yelled at the top of my lungs in my deepest alpha voice: Bad dog! Go home!  That did it and I rolled along prepping my mind for the next unknown disaster. 

Joe was 100 feet in front of me and slipped by for some reason. Usually I get the dogs after they are all worn out from chasing Joe!

Day 10


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