Day 12

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Astoria to Rockaway Beach, OR

52 SUNNY & WINDY Miles

If constellations had been named in the 20th century, I suppose we would see bicycles. ~ Professor Carl Sagan

We depart Astoria under clear blue skies, the ambient air is a balmy 54 degrees. 

Life is good until Seaside where I can feel the headwind picking up and from studying the maps I know there are significant hills from here on out. 

We decide to regroup at Cannon City to finalize the day’s final destination. 

Joe blows past Cannon City on the downhill; it looks like we are going the final 23 miles despite a 16mph headwind. 

Despite the wind, the scenery is glorious; the day warm at 68 degrees. 

The best surprise at the end of this rough riding day: the cheap motel room(half the price of anything else I called about in this burg) has a living room, kitchen, two TVs with Netflix, WiFi and best of all a washer and dryer. I have not washed my single set of bike clothes and my single set of “other” clothes in 12 days; even if they are not filthy, they don’t feel or smell great going on. I cannot wait.  Heaven. 

We had an even better treat; Joe’s nephew,Vern, and his wife, Debbie, drove out the 2 hours from Portland and took us out to a seafood dinner at a fabulous oceanfront restaurant in nearby Garibaldi. Dessert back “home” was Debbie’s homemade brownies accompanied by Marionberry wine. Many heartfelt thanks.

P.S. There is even doggie water and food bowls above the refrigerator, complete with a wrapped extra large dog biscuit for man’s best travel friend. This is written with a wish that my dear Buddha dog is dreaming sweet doggie thoughts back in Alaska. 

day 12


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