Day 24

Benbow to Leggett

23 miles

Glorious sun today; also mainly uphill miles. Joe made the choice this am to do a short ride and stay at the only accommodations available within twenty miles.

We met Jess and Amanda again, two sisters whom I had seen in Astoria, and assumed to be long gone. They were laid up with a leg injury in Coos Bay for three days, but are now happily on their way again.

We stopped at the Peg House, featured in Sunset Magazine in 2011 for their ambience and hamburgers. Joe had two pints of stout and has plans to be shuttled back for a couple of more pints of brew when his laundry is done.

Joe is also not thrilled as this is the second night in a row that he has no television. Believe it or not, this is his first comment as he enters the motel room, a quaint 1950’s inn on old Highway 101. Joe constantly tells people he does not watch television, yet he is unhappy without it. Does he know there are no televisions if we camp, if he ever finds the conditions agreeable to him for camping?   The motel owner asked if we rode on 271, which is lower and flatter; of course not, the engineer believes in 101; in fact Joe actually looked at the California map and considered taking the 101 Freeway all the way to Mexico. Forget the west coast; bicycles are not allowed on most of the 101.

He is asleep at 2:45pm, as I write this, manage the laundry, the route and accommodations for tomorrow.

Day 24


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